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National Park Rx Day

Have you had a healthy dose of the outdoors recently? If not, Park Rx Day is just what the doctor ordered. April 24th marks the first ever National Park Rx Day. Sponsored by the National Park Service, it’s a full 24 hours dedicated to promoting parks, nature and outdoor play in an effort to improve human health. In other words, it is a time to recognize just how beneficial nature can be to our well-being.

Getting active and outside is more important than ever in this technology-filled era. According to the National Park Service, “Last fall, the U.S. Surgeon General released a call to action to promote walking and walkable communities. National Park Rx Day builds on this call to action and provides citizens with parks and green spaces to promote public health.”

Today, like every other day, it’s important get outside and get active! As we all know, play is a critical piece of children and adults’ lives, alike. But people often forget that engaging in unstructured, outdoor play is just as important. Being active in the fresh air has various mental, social and physical benefits. Increased time outside can lead to improved mood, improved health and increased connections with community and nature. On National Park Rx Day, it’s important to recognize these benefits of the great outdoors.

Parks present various opportunities for activities from walking on trails to playing on playgrounds to having a picnic. Each activity provides a chance to connect with nature in a different way – whether it be soaking up some sunshine or running off some stress on your favorite trail.

The Surgeon General’s park prescription recommends you find your park and see how many ways you can incorporate play into nature!

Luckily parents don’t need a MD after their name to provide this important directive to their kids.

How will you observe National Park Rx Day?