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  • Why pursue a career in early childhood education

    “I think that teaching is a beautiful profession and that teachers of young children do one of the best things that there is to do in life: bring joy and beauty, mystery and mischievous delight into the hearts of little people in their years of greatest curiosity” – Jonathan Kozol

    early childhood paint 300x225 Why pursue a career in early childhood education
  • Fewer screens and more time for play

    The recent “Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children” post on The New York Times Well blog received a lot of attention. Readers were vocal about the negative impact technology can have on children and adolescents. The reported statistics were certainly cause for alarm.

  • Funding your playground

    Most of us want a playground. However, coming up with the money needed to purchase the playground can pose a problem.

    playground 300x217 Funding your playground

    Fundraising is one popular way schools and other organizations can raise money for the items they need and want. Unfortunately it can often take several years to raise the funds needed for bigger ticket items such as playground equipment. One of the keys to successful fundraising isn’t just to find interesting new ideas for goods to sell or auction off, or for events such as standby car washes or spaghetti dinners; it’s about gaining the commitment of those involved to make the fundraiser successful through engagement, recruitment and passion for the cause.

  • How to build a playground in 10 easy steps

    playgrounddc How to build a playground in 10 easy steps

    t’s exciting learning to do something you know you’ll do again and again … like cooking a favorite meal or wakeboarding … but how often will you build a playground?  For some, it may be a regular occurrence—something that you do as part of your job.  For most others, such as members of the PTA, it’s a once in a lifetime situation that may seem exciting, yet daunting.

  • Play: The possibilities are as vast as the universe

    A baby’s brain contains 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) at birth—that’s about as many stars as in the Milky Way!  And nearly all that brain will need.

    4cs 1024x858 Play: The possibilities are as vast as the universe	Each neuron has about 2,500 synapses—connections between the neurons that aid in brain development. By the time a child is 2-3 years old, that number grows to 15,000 synapses per neuron as the brain develops. These early formative years are prime time to create the foundation for learning that will carry us into adulthood. From a very early age, children play. Children learn about the world around them and themselves through play. Play is a huge factor in a child’s development. It provides opportunities to develop essential developmental skills.

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