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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does your DIY Level / hammer rating system work?

    Easy peasy. If you can assemble a simple piece of furniture from a big box store, you can put this together!

    Call your handiest friend. Assembly is going to be a little tricky if you’re doing this all alone. Footing or anchoring to the ground is required, so tell your friend to bring power tools.

    Know a construction crew? Good, you’re gonna need them to help you install this product. We recommend 3+ people with serious construction know-how. If you don’t have a crew of your own, our Play Gurus can help set you up with a professional playground installer in your area.

  • How many people does it take to install a playground?

    That depends on your chosen product. Check out the Assembly & Installation section of the product page for the DIY Level.

    You + a basic toolbox

    You + your handiest friend + power tools

    You + a crew of more than 3 + professional tools

    Hammer rating system details can be found in the FAQ

  • Can I install my playground using volunteers from my community?

    You sure can! All it takes is hardworking folks and a few knowledgeable leaders to guide them. KaBOOM! is a great non-profit organization that can help you plan a community build. They’ve been one of our Partners in Play since 1999 and they build over 200 playgrounds per year using our equipment. Check out their website for tools to help you plan your project.

  • Do I need special skills to install PlayExplorers equipment?

    We won’t ask you to speak a second language, juggle or ice a cake, but some skills are required for playground installation. You’ll need the ability to read and follow instructions. Knowing how to use a level, read a tape measure, operate a power drill and use basic hand tools is great. Organization skills come in handy when sorting parts and hardware.

  • What happens if I need help with installation?

    We will help you. Seriously. That’s what we’re here for. Here are some of ways you can get in touch with us:

    Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm EST:
    + Start a live chat
    + Call us at 844.228.9774

    + Request a Play Guru
    + Email us at

  • Do I really need to follow your installation instructions exactly?

    Listen. We know what it’s like to be a DIYer. You’re a hammer-wielding rebel. You color outside the lines. You make your own rules, and then you break ‘em. Instructions? Ha! You scoff in the face of instructions. …but, seriously, don’t do that here.
    Installing playgrounds is serious business. Skipping or changing steps can create hazards and damage the product. Plus we have an awesome warranty if you install equipment according to our specifications.
    If you have any questions about installation instructions, get in touch & we’ll help you figure it out.

    Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm EST:
    + Start a live chat
    + Call us at 844.228.9774

    + Request a Play Guru
    + Email us at

  • Does it matter how and where I place the equipment?

    There are specific regulations for commercial playground equipment, so placement does matter. If you need help navigating regulations, our Play Gurus are here to help!

    Here are some resources that might help you while you’re planning your playground:

    + To help you make informed choices, you can download the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s free Public Playground Safety Handbook.

    + We also encourage you to consult with a Certified Playground Safety Inspector before opening the playground. They’re trained to look for hazards on playgrounds and can confirm your project is compliant with local rules & regulations. You can find a list of local registered Safety Inspectors here.

  • What should I consider before installing the equipment?

    We wish playground installation could be as easy as choosing a color palette and just plopping play equipment into the ground. Then everyone could have a playground in their neighborhood & the world would be a better place! Unfortunately, there’s a lot of stuff that has to happen before installation can begin. Luckily, our Play Gurus are experts at sorting through pre-installation details, well-versed in legalese and ready to jump in and help you figure out where to start.

    Here’s some stuff that you should think about before starting installation:

    + How sunny is it in your area?

    If you live in an area where sun & heat are an issue, consider installing natural or artificial shade to help protect kids’ skin. The sun can heat steel, plastic & aluminum and create a hazard to children’s skin.

    + Where are you installing your equipment?

    Our equipment is designed for installation on a properly drained site with less than a 2% grade.

    + Does your playground site require excavation?

    If it does, you’ll need to perform a utility check before you dig. Underground utilities such as electric, gas lines, fiber-optics etc. can be dangerous and expensive to repair.

    + Will your equipment need safety surfacing?

    If it does, you’ll need to consider the thickness of the safety surfacing in relationship to the equipment you are installing. You can learn more in the Surfacing FAQ.

    + Do you know the use zone and positioning guidelines for the product you’re considering?

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) have guidelines that require things like equipment use zones and positioning.

    + Will your playground comply with the Americans with Disability Act?

    The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) is a law that has regulations for playground access and equipment. You can read more in the ADA FAQ.

    + Do you know your state or local government’s requirements for playground installations?

    Some local governments might require soil tests, permits or sealed engineering drawings before installation.

  • Do I need concrete? How much? And how long does it take to cure?

    Your installation instructions will list whether you need concrete and details about how much you will need. In general, concrete will need at least 72 hours to cure before the playground can be used. Please note that curing can take longer depending on the weather.

    Are you thinking about installing on concrete? We highly recommend consulting a professional in your area for concrete installation.

  • What are concrete anchors and where can I buy them?

    Concrete anchors are a heavy duty fastener used to fix objects to masonry surfaces. They can be purchased locally at most hardware stores.

  • What’s the difference between in-ground and surface mount?

    + In-ground mounts are attached to the bottom of a product. They are buried underground with concrete as a reinforcement to help anchor the product.

    + Surface mounts allow you to bolt the product directly to a surface – a concrete floor, for example.

  • Are installation instructions available in other languages?

    ¡Sí! And oui! You can order installation instructions in Spanish and French. Just add it in Your Order Comments while checking out. Or you can call our Play Gurus at 844.228.9774 to let us know your language preference.

  • Do I have to dig holes to install your product?

    You might. It depends on what kind of mounting option you’d prefer. We offer two mounting options: in-ground and surface.

    + In-ground mounts are attached to the bottom of a product. They are buried underground with concrete as a reinforcement to help anchor the product.

    In-ground installation requires excavating footing holes. These footing holes need dug to the dimensions and elevations specified in the installation instructions as they can vary in width and depth. During the installation process the equipment will be anchored with concrete.

    + Surface mounts allow you to bolt the product directly to a surface – a concrete floor, for example.

    We don’t provide concrete anchoring hardware, but can advise you on specifications. Concrete anchors can be purchased locally at most hardware stores