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Frequently Asked Questions

With Frequently Helpful Answers.


  • Where are your products made?

    Just like the Boss, PlayExplorer products are born in the USA. We’re proud to manufacture our equipment in our central Pennsylvania facility.

    More than 70% of our manufacturing supplies comes from sources within 150 miles of our facility. That’s good for community, and good for our planet.

    Only a few parts are purchased from trusted international suppliers: ropes used in our equipment are manufactured in Germany by Berliner Selifabrik. And some miscellaneous hardware and mechanisms are made in modern factories in Germany and China, and purchased through U.S. companies.

  • Is your manufacturing process environmentally friendly?

    We believe our play systems should create lasting benefit — not environmental harm. That’s why we’re the premier green playground manufacturer of choice for schools, communities and organizations across the United States. And that’s not just us talking green — our LEED-EBOM certification for the way we operate & maintain our facility and our Cradle to Cradle Certification for our products independently reinforce this commitment.

  • Are your products environmentally friendly?

    We’ve made a PVC-free Pledge – eliminating 99.999% of dangerous PVCs from our play equipment. Our playground systems are built to last safely for generations and are completely recyclable.

  • Is it easy being green?

    We could lower our costs by using less environmentally friendly materials. But we don’t answer to stockholders — we answer to you. We won’t compromise sustainability, craftsmanship, durability or safety for profit. It isn’t cheap, but we believe it’s worth it.