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Inclusive Playground Equipment for Children with Disabilities

Inclusive play space

Playworld, the parent company of PlayExplorers, is the leader in inclusive play. We believe outdoor play equipment should be accessible to every member of your community. That’s why our child development and playground design experts create inclusive playgrounds that welcome children and caregivers with special needs, as well as typically developing kids. Playground equipment should be accessible to everyone.

PlayExplorers by Playworld makes it easy and fun to create an inclusive playground that is also handicapped-accessible. Our pre-designed playgrounds are cost-effective, and are built to stand the toughest play your kids can dish out. At PlayExplorers, we’re masters of the art of play!

Playground Equipment for Meaningful, Unstructured Play

Playtime helps kids of all ages and abilities grow physically, socially and cognitively. Universal or inclusive playgrounds from PlayExplorers meet ADA requirements, making our play structures the perfect choice for your church, daycare, preschool or YMCA. Since we design our handicapped-accessible playground equipment with the needs of every user in mind, caregivers with disabilities can also navigate our structures easily.

Our inclusive playgrounds can:

  • Help kids of all ages develop gross motor skills. From spinning and sliding to climbing and crawling, kids strengthen muscles while they play. Children and caregivers with restricted movement will find our wheelchair-accessible playgrounds thoughtfully designed, with activities that let them enjoy the fun.
  • Help kids of all ages develop social skills. Children with disabilities can play with others easily on a PlayExplorers playground structure. Our outdoor play equipment also features areas designed for interactive, cooperative and imaginative activities. This makes it easier for children of all abilities to spend time together.
  • Help kids of all ages develop sensory skills. Cozy spaces; tactile, auditory and visual features help children of all ages and abilities develop their senses. You’ll also find that many of our structures support multiple areas of development, which gives you more value for your money.

We Take Play Personally

Boy playing with playground activity panel

Child development experts, educators and families agree that unstructured outdoor play supports healthy development in children of all ages and abilities. PlayExplorers is committed to making every community we serve better by providing the best play experience. We see the benefits of exploration, creativity, fitness and fun every day. We manufacture every PlayExplorers accessible playground in the USA. Our inclusive playgrounds are sustainable because the legacy of play shouldn’t damage the legacy of the planet.

Our product legacy includes:

  • Early childhood playgrounds. Our developmentally-optimized playgrounds are perfect for children ages 6 months to 5 years old to help kids develop essential developmental skills.
  • Innovative playgrounds. Help your kids explore the outdoors with our themed playgrounds. Find playgrounds with features you won’t see anywhere else! PlayExplorers playgrounds can help your kids develop balance, coordination and problem-solving skills in a fun environment.

The World Needs Play

At PlayExplorers, having fun is serious business — and we’re serious about having fun! We work hard to make the communities we serve stronger through high-quality, inclusive playgrounds that meet the needs of every child and caregiver. Our mission comes to life every time your kids play on your new playground.

For more information about PlayExplorers inclusive playground equipment , or to speak with our Play Gurus, get in touch with us today!