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New strengths. New skills. New friends.


Not only is playtime fun, but it’s important, too! Young kids develop through play — socially, physically and mentally. At PlayExplorers, we keep development in mind when we manufacture high-quality play equipment for kids 5 and under. We also want everyone to have fun, regardless of ability level. That’s why we create early childhood playgrounds with inclusivity in mind. With playgrounds by PlayExplorers, every child and caregiver can have fun!

40 Years Perfecting the Art of Outdoor Play Equipment

Imagination, gross motor skills, interaction and cooperation — when your kids play, they’re hard at work. The age 5 and under playgrounds we make help your kids meet these goals. Working with childhood development experts, we’ve perfected the art of designing early childhood playground equipment. That’s why you’ll find our playgrounds for ages 2 to 5 are in daycares, schools, parks, preschools and community centers around the country.

Your options include:

  • Play Fundamentals Early Childhood Playgrounds. These playgrounds are perfect for children ages 2 to 5. Toddlers and preschoolers can enhance their gross motor skills, while learning how to play cooperatively and imaginatively.
  • PlaySimple Commercial Playgrounds. For a cost-effective, do-it-yourself playground, PlaySimple Commercial Playgrounds are the answer. Easier to install than our Play Fundamentals playgrounds, our PlaySimple structures are also durable. Best of all, they’re fun!

The World Needs Play

Nothing beats watching young children enjoy the freedom and joy they experience through play! A PlayExplorers early childhood indoor or outdoor playground is a safe and environmentally friendly choice that will withstand the toughest play your kids can dish out.

Contact one of our Play Gurus today for more information about our early childhood play structures!