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Music Play

Unstructured play is play that is not organized and directed by adults. When children play a game led by a teacher in a classroom, they are engaged in structured play. When kids play by themselves at a music panel on a playground, they are engaged in unstructured play. Both types of play have advantages, but unstructured play specifically encourages social development, cognitive development and creativity.

Music play can be one type of structured play, and it offers several advantages. It allows children to explore the world of sound and to learn concepts such as rhythm, harmony and appreciation for music by experimenting with musical playground equipment. It can also help with social development, build fine motor skills and help with cognitive development.

The Benefits of Music Play

Music play lets children develop social skills because it can allow them to work together to create sounds that are harmonious. When children pretend they are in a band, they get to assign roles and instruments and learn to work together to agree on a sound they all like.

Music play also aids in physical development by helping children with fine motor skills and control. Children at a music panel or other type of sensory playground equipment need to be able to move the dials, buttons and other controls efficiently and in a rhythmic way to produce the sounds they want.

Music is also great for cognitive development. Music requires children to create and recreate patterns if they want to make pleasing-sounding songs. It also builds memory skills as children try to recreate a sound they may have heard before. For instance, a child may try to mimic a favorite song on the playground.

Finally, playing with music allows children to develop a lifelong passion for learning music. Experimentation with outdoor musical playground equipment can help children explore an early talent for sound, and by the time they get to hear music in other contexts, they may feel more engaged with it.

Outdoor Musical Playground Equipment From PlayExplorers

PlayExplorers helps you build playgrounds for music play with several options:

  • Ladybug Spring Rider. This colorful ladybug takes children on a ride. Perfect for youngsters ages 2 to 5, this spring rider lets kids explore motion and music. Kids can pretend they are a ladybug dashing through a meadow or a singing ladybug in a magical land. This piece of play equipment for music play can help build physical strength and balance as well as emotional confidence. It can create an appreciation for sound and physical activity through music and movement. Spring riders come in a variety of animals and other styles.
  • Rhythm Spinner. Kids can spin the dials forward and backward to hear and change music. They also get to hit drum pads to add to the beat with different songs. There are 10 soundtracks available and a virtually limitless number of ways kids can create their own music using the spinner. This piece of playground equipment encourages physical development by asking children to spin and hit the pads and spinners with control. It also allows children to explore the world of sound, encouraging sensory development.
  • Music Store. Kids get to play instruments together or set up a store to sell and buy musical instruments such as drums, rain wheels, bells and chimes. This piece of playground equipment encourages social development by encouraging children to pretend owning a store or being in a rock band together, working in tandem to create a cohesive sound or a successful business. This piece of playground equipment also encourages sensory development by letting children explore different sounds together or alone.
  • Drive-Away. Children can choose among different types of vehicles for imaginary play. Kids can choose from a car, train, fire truck, boat or spaceship, and each type of vehicle comes with its own sound. Children are encouraged to build motor skills through a steering wheel, which encourages physical development. They can also hone fine motor skills by using a dashboard full of different gadgets such as a radio, horn, alarm and ignition. This piece of equipment encourages sensory development by letting children explore sounds such as blasting rockets, horns, sirens and more.

PlayExplorers has many more playground options with sound to encourage childhood development and fun. Contact a Play Guru today to find out how we can help you build the playground of your dreams!