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Screen time. AYSO soccer practice. Music lessons. Dance. Karate. The list goes on and on! More than ever before, planned activities are taking over the lives of our kids. Yet unstructured playtime is essential to kids, too. It helps kids develop the important skills they need to develop physically, emotionally, and socially. And let’s not overlook the fact it’s also fun!

How can we — as educators, parents and community members — inject more play into these jam-packed schedules? The answer isn’t adding more hours to the day, although we might wish that were possible. The solution is working with what you have, optimizing their free time with the equipment that encourages the best kind of play: sensory play. With playground equipment that stimulates all of their senses, their unstructured playtime can be maximized. The kids in your community can have a blast as they touch, listen, and look with the right sensory playground equipment.

Our Play Gurus live and breathe unstructured playtime! Their innovative ideas turn old-fashioned playgrounds into high-quality, inclusive play systems made with environmentally safe materials. With our help, you can bring outdoor playtime back, too. Explore our systems and components, and you’ll find plenty of options to get kids doing what they do best: playing and growing. Partner with one of our Play Gurus, and you can create a sensory play environment where your community’s kids will laugh, learn, and grow.

Sensory Play Systems for Children of All Abilities

Communities around the world are tapping into our expert designs to create sensory play environments where kids can flex their physical, social, and sensory muscles. Join the revolution in sensory play! Your kids will love the variety of sounds they hear and the sights they see. With plenty of cozy spaces to feel secure and lots of interaction with natural features, your kids can play in the ideal environment: one that encourages activity on every level, from physical to social and emotional. Now, that’s what we call productive play!

Imagine having sensory playground equipment that includes:

  • Tactile and cozy places — These safe spaces encourage alone time. Feeling comfortable while being alone is key to being a healthy, well-adjusted adult. Cozy spots are also a breeding ground for dramatic and imaginative play. And since they’re tactile places, they help kids develop visual and auditory skills. For children on the autism spectrum, these small spaces are a safe haven, where they can go to readjust after high sensory output.
  • Auditory play systems perfect for kids with all abilities — You’ll find dozens of auditory play systems that feature noises kids can control themselves. Bring on the confidence! You’ll also find our selection of auditory play equipment includes options made just for children with sensory processing disorders. Bottom line: It’s equipment that all kids can use and love. It’s the definition of inclusive play!
  • Fun visual systems — What’s one of the best ways to strengthen the connection between the brain and the eye? If you guessed play, you’re right! And with the right equipment, kids learn how to better interpret and understand visual information. For fun play systems that use innovation to stimulate visual development, you’ve come to the right place.

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