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Playgrounds offer many benefits to communities and organizations; they create a space where children can play and have fun safely. They can also act as a community meeting space, encouraging a close-knit group to develop. Playgrounds can also give children an advantage by encouraging physical, emotional, social and sensory development.

To enjoy all these benefits of playgrounds, you need to be able to attract people to your play area, and playground accessories such as benches and tables make a playground a more attractive space to gather. Accessories create a pleasant environment not just for kids, but also for the adults that bring them to the playground. Furnishings such as shades and picnic tables encourage families and adults to stay longer, which means more playtime for kids and more playground benefits for the whole community!

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

Commercial Playground Accessories

Picnic Tables: Commercial picnic tables encourage adults and caregivers to talk to each other, encouraging community building. A playground picnic table can also be a great place for adults and kids to take a break and share a snack, which can encourage them to stay at the playground longer.

The Essentials Furnishings Picnic Table, for instance, comes in bright colors and offers plenty of space to sit and relax. This table is also accessible for wheelchair users. The Essentials Furnishings Square Tot Table is a commercial picnic table for toddlers. It is a great spot for socializing, having a snack, quiet time, or reading a book.

Benches: Playground benches encourage adults and caregivers to rest and stay a while on the playground, giving kids more time to play. Benches are also a great vantage spot for caregivers to supervise children, ensuring your play area stays safer for everyone. If you are looking for a playground bench, the Family Furnishings Bench has a bright color and smooth lines designed to fit in with commercial playground accessories and equipment. If you are looking for playground benches for sale, you will also want to check out the Essentials Furnishings Custom-Lettered Bench, which lets you put the name of your school, park, playground or community on it to drum up community pride.

Trash Cans: A playground trash can encourages people to dispose of refuse responsibly, helping keep your play area cleaner. The Family Furnishings Litter Receptacle is a bright and uniquely shaped trashcan, designed to encourage people to toss their litter away. The Essentials Furnishings Recycled Plastic Litter Receptacle has a more classic look, perfect for parks and nature-themed play areas.

Signs: Signs can help you outline playground rules or can help you announce important information, such as the playground name and hours. You can use signs to thank a sponsor or to welcome kids. You can even include an inspiring message or artwork from the children who play there. PlayExplorers offers single sided custom signs as well as double-sided custom signs.

Other Accessories: There are a number of other playground furnishings that you can choose from depending on your needs. Shades on your playground can help protect playground users from the sun, as well as protect playground equipment from sun damage and heat. Bike racks let children and adults safely store bikes until they are ready to leave. Bike racks, such as the Family Furnishings Bike Rack, can also encourage children and adults to use eco-friendly transport by bike to get to your playground. A playground ramp can help kids and adults with mobility challenges access more parts of your playground. PlayExplorers has a range of additional accessories you can use to customize your playground.

Buy Playground Accessories From PlayExplorers

Whether you are buying an accessibility ramp or benches for school playgrounds, if you need playground accessories, turn to PlayExplorers. Since 1971, Playworld has been dedicated to creating playground equipment and accessories that encourage childhood development and fun.

Dedicated to serving our nation’s communities and schools, PlayExplorers sources locally and we extensively test our equipment and accessories for your safety and peace of mind. Our accessories and playground equipment are designed by engineers and are tested by kids, too, to ensure children adore our playgrounds. We work hard to meet and exceed safety standards, and we can help you design and build the play space you have always wanted, down to each of the accessories.

If you are ready to start creating your playground with an expert in playground design, contact a Play Guru at PlayExplorers to start the journey!