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Spring Riders

The playground spring rider is a classic that kids love! Best of all, they serve a real purpose (in addition to being loads of fun, of course!).

Spring riders help kids develop muscle tone and balance, burn energy, and regulate anxiety. Kids would never guess their play is this productive!

If you’re looking for spring rider playground equipment, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find plenty of options in our innovative designs, including spring riders with auditory and tactile benefits. But, most of all, you’ll get playground equipment the kids in your community will love riding on!

You could say our Play Gurus are a bit obsessed with play. They’re all about designing and manufacturing incredibly fun, inclusive playground equipment using high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. With this kind of equipment, we’re starting a play revolution.

Free, unstructured playtime is an endangered resource today — and we’re on a mission to change that by bringing play back. Join us by bringing classic spring rider playground equipment to your community in a new, innovative way. It’s one of the best — and most fun — ways to help kids develop their senses naturally!

Spring Rider Playground Equipment with Plenty of Bells and Whistles

Think about a diverse environment that features a wide variety of physical, social, and sensory experiences. What does it look like to you? Not quite sure because, well, you’re not a kid anymore? Don’t fret. Our Play Gurus are kids at heart. Think of them as super well-informed kids who know the equipment that reaps the most rewards for kids these days.

Partner with one of our Play Gurus, and you’ll get a safe play area that encourages development. You can include playground animals on springs alongside systems and structures that enhance climbing skills, provide opportunities for imaginative play and more! Now, that’s what you can call working double duty! Durable spring play equipment featuring bold colors, fun sounds, and even options that accommodate multiple riders… you get it all, and then some.

Give your kids a new take on play with:

  • Animals of all kinds — From playground horse spring riders to duck spring riders and bumblebee spring riders, your only limitation really is your imagination.
  • Sound-enhanced equipment — Want to turn the play up an extra notch? Get spring riders enhanced for sound! The formula is simple: Auditory benefits plus physical benefits equals a multifaceted play experience that all kids love.
  • Collaborative play structures — Who says your spring rider has to be for one rider only? Add multiple riders and see the social sparks fly. The kids in your community can sail along a stormy sea, run a motorcycle race with a sidecar, fly high in the sky, or gasp with delight on a springy see-saw. It’s confidence-building teamwork that keeps on giving, long after kids leave the playground.

Get Started Today

Ready to bring play back? Not sure how to start? No problem. Our Play Gurus are here! We can help you design an inclusive play space that serves the needs of children and caregivers of abilities. Best of all, they’re fun!

Browse our products or contact a Play Guru for more information today!