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Home Dome

How do our design pros improve on a piece of classic playground equipment that's been around forever? They bring in the real pros: Children! Our designers spend a lot of time thinking about what makes a piece of climbing equipment work. Then, instead of thinking like engineers, we think like children.

Once we have a prototype, we invite some kids over to play on the equipment. What needs work? How do the kids enjoy the play area? It never fails: When we design a piece of play space equipment, we’re always amazed at the creativity and innovation little ones use when they get to try it out.

Once we have feedback from our little pros, we go back to the drawing board to improve upon our design to create equipment kids will adore. Our goal isn't just to create something that looks good on the playground — our aim is to create something to engage children at every level. For our home dome, that means creating a space with climbing areas for tots as well as a space underneath for role-play. To take a sneak peek at how our geniuses (both the child and adult variety) helped make our home dome one of our more popular products, check out the video above for a behind-the-scenes peek.