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Taking Play to a New Level

With rich and inclusive play spaces

We build playgrounds for children of all ages, with sensory, social, and physical principles in mind.

To create playground experiences that will nurture children, we don't just consider building materials, costs and engineering. Our equipment is built to thrill the senses of kids. Using details such as textured surfaces, bright colors and noisemakers, we delight children while also encouraging them to play in a whole new way.

By observing children, we know that playgrounds are social spaces, and we design our playgrounds for interactive play. To do that, we make sure our spaces encourage role-playing and imagination. Children get to use our equipment in conjunction with their imaginations. Our design structures, humble when we first conceive of them, become castles and imaginary lands, pirate ships on the high seas, and more. Along the way, we’re encouraging friendships and fun!

Of course, all playgrounds are physical spaces, and we consider that when designing our playground equipment. They encourage a range of physical motion, including bouncing, walking, running and more. At the same time, we encourage interaction for all users. We design cozy spaces for children on the autism spectrum, wheelchair accessible spaces for children with mobility issues, and other physical spaces that can be appreciated in different ways by children of all abilities.

PlayExplorers by Playworld

What are playgrounds really for? At Playworld, we see them as not just a space for play equipment, but also as places to encourage social and cognitive development, create fun and build memories that last a lifetime. When we design playgrounds, we want them to make an impact on development, bring joy and delight families.

We design playgrounds that are safe, interactive, social and deeply engaging. The point is to let kids be kids and allow them to explore the world around them while firing their imagination. At the same time, we believe that a playground manufacturer has an obligation to encourage learning and development wherever possible. Children who play on our playgrounds get to experience physical movement and exercise — vital in today's sedentary world — visualizing themselves in completely different spaces. Kids can utilize our play equipment to imagine themselves exploring zero gravity as an astronaut, going back in time and experiencing life before electricity or creating crazy potions in secret labs. We’re proud to create the basic building blocks for that kind of play!

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We involve kids in the design process.

Children, more than engineers or executives sitting around a conference table, understand what it takes to make a playground fun and exciting. Instinctively, they know what other children will find engaging.

While we don't get children involved in our business meetings (yet!), we do engage with children early on in our design process in what we call “play testing.” Once we develop a design for playground equipment, we gather children to have them test the prototypes. We observe how they use the equipment — something which never fails to surprise us — and we consult with the children who try out our products. Based on the feedback, we revise our prototypes to come up with a final design that’s kid-tested and kid-approved from its launch date.

Serving our customers since 1971.

We've been building playgrounds for more than 45 years. That means we understand communities and organizations and what they need most in order to play. It also means when you have questions, we bring you answers. When you demand safe, inclusive playground spaces that build fun, spark imagination and create a lifetime of memories, we deliver.

Being in business for as long as we have means we have seen generations grow up. We've seen firsthand how early childhood play experiences can impact later social development, active lifestyles and enjoyment of life. We want every child to have a chance to run around and really relish life. That's why we build the playgrounds we do — so that everyone can enjoy the fundamental right of childhood.